Password management

In the next step you will be moved to the Microsoft site to change or reset password.

Read the password policy first.

DO NOT remove the from your Username on the next screen

User ID

Reset password
You forgot your password and need to reset it.
Change password
You remember your password but want to change it.

The password must be minimum length of 14 characters and policy must match 3 of 4 listed below character rules:

  • contains upper case letters,
  • lower case letters,
  • numbers,
  • and symbols: ~!@#$%^*_-+=`|(){}[]:;"<>,.?/&

Don't use:

  • your User ID or display name
  • password used the last 24 times
  • words related to Volvo and its business (Volvo, truck, etc.)
  • common dictionary words (summer, password, etc?)

Remember these guidelines, as they will not reappear on subsequent screens.